SEPTEMBER 14th – 9.15am to 10.15am

Dive into the web3: is the revolution really happening?

Web3, NFT, metavers, ethereum, blockchain … we hear more and more about these terms but what do they really mean? Are we at the dawn of a profound transformation?

Thanks to the technological advance of Web3, will the boundaries of customer experience be pushed back once again? In concrete terms, how will this new technology based on blockchain allow brands to reinvent themselves? How will it transform the strategy of companies? How will it reconcile traditional sales channels with the metaverse?

Beyond the buzz generated by brands taking the plunge, there are many risks to take into account in order to position oneself sustainably in this ecosystem. What issues and action plans should be put in place? Is a new customer experience possible?

How to attract and retain this new generation of consumers? How can you engage your communities and co-construct with them?

Speaker : Gilles BABINET

Self-taught, passionate about new technologies and general political and social issues, Gilles Babinet has been an entrepreneur since the age of 22. He has founded numerous companies in fields as diverse as consulting (Absolut, Laitao), construction (Escalade Industrie), mobile music (Musiwave), co-creation (eYeka), decision-making tools (Captain Dash), etc. He is the author of “Big data, thinking about man and the world differently”, “L’Ère Numérique, un nouvel âge de l’humanité” and “Refondre les politiques publiques avec le numérique”. Gilles is also a professor at Science Po Paris (“Numérique et politiques publiques”) and a member of the Institut Montaigne. He is also France’s Digital Champion at the European Commission. Currently, Gilles Babinet is co-president of the National Digital Council, along with Françoise Mercadal Delasalles.

Moderator : Nicolas ROSSIGNOL

This plenary session will be moderated by Nicolas Rossignol, Journalist and television and radio host for more than 15 years (for TF1, France 2, France 5 and France Info), winner of a 7 d’or, Nicolas Rossignol also moderates corporate and general public events, conferences, debates, conventions, galas… and provides “public speaking” coaching and media-training for executives.
He is also the founding volunteer President of the association “Tout le monde contre le cancer” (Everyone against cancer) which carries out more than 1,000 actions per year in 170 hospitals throughout France, with patients and their families.

SEPTEMBER 14th – 5:50pm to 6:50pm

CSR: customers challenge companies

Customers’ awareness of the environment and corporate social responsibility has increased considerably. CSR is a new criterion of choice for the new generations, a source of arbitration for consumers who care about the planet, and now goes beyond the strict framework of legal constraints.

Customers now consider the promises made by brands as part of their perception of a successful experience, but even more so the concrete proof in their daily lives. Encouraged by the health crisis, shaken by new disruptive models, questioned about the working conditions of their employees, companies are facing new challenges and can no longer confine CSR to timid institutional communication: they must act and position themselves at the risk of losing the trust of customers.

The speakers of this plenary will share their strategies and initiatives, sources of inspiration for the participants of this edition of CRM & Marketing Meetings 2022.

Speaker: Valérie DARMAILLACQ
Directrice de la Performance Environnementale & du Développement Durable

Valérie Darmaillacq joined in 2007 to manage the contact centers and develop the site’s online help. She created the Digital Customer Relations department, developing customer focus and co-creation. At the head of several major projects within the SNCF group, such as supporting the digitization of sales and after-sales or designing the Porte à Porte mobility offer, she was awarded the Customer Relations Director of the Year prize in 2015. She is now in charge of the Planète Voyages program, which accelerates the company’s contribution to sustainable, low-carbon and circular mobility, as Director of Environmental Performance and Sustainable Development for SNCF TGV Intercités.

Speaker: Frédéric MAZZELLA
Founder, BlaBlaCar

Frédéric Mazzella is the founder of BlaBlaCar, the world leader in carpooling. He is also the entrepreneurial co-president of France Digitale, the largest association of startups in Europe. After a career mixing science and music, he contributed to the rise of the sharing economy by becoming passionate about community platforms and their potential to better use our resources and reduce our environmental impact. He is the co-author of the book “Mission BlaBlaCar” published in 2022.

Speaker:Hélène VALADE
Director of Environmental Development for the LVMH Group

Hélène VALADE began her career at Ifop, then at TNS Sofrès, where she managed the Opinion division.
In 2005, she joined the Suez Environnement group as Sustainable Development Director of Lyonnaise des Eaux. From 2014, Hélène VALADE is promoted to head the Sustainable Development Department of Suez.
Since January 2020, Hélène VALADE has been the new Director of Environmental Development at LVMH.
Hélène VALADE is also the co-founder of C3D in 2007 and President of the College of Sustainable Development Directors until 2016.
Since 2018, Hélène VALADE has been President of ORSE, the Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises.

Moderator : Thierry SPENCER

This plenary will be moderated by Thierry Spencer, author of the reference blog and author of numerous books on customer experience.

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